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Orange Moon Massage & Holistic Healing

The moon reminds us that no matter what phase of our journey we are in, we can return to being whole. 
     Here at Orange Moon Massage & Holistic Healing, it is our mission to provide individualized treatment plans, the space, and the time for you to take the initiative in restoring balance within the body, mind, and spirit to live comfortably in your vessel. Through the healing powers of touch, various therapeutic technique and modalities, it is our hope to help you find and make a plan to clear the root of dysfunction throughout these three planes that make up the wonderful being that is you. 


Rita C. 

Everything met my expectations. I highly appreciate you taking the time to heal me with your gifted hands, Stay amazing! 

Lauren K. 

I really enjoyed how Areina communicated with me throughout the whole process. It made me feel secure and comfortable for my first massage. I am so excited to come back!

Illuminated Rock

Troy J. 

I loved the friction, very consistent pressure, and depth Areina used. Her quality of touch is always excellent and she's great at reminding me to breath! Thank you!

Areina is not only an incredibly skilled massage therapist, but is also innovative in her approach. I have come to her several times with partial range of motion loss in my neck and each time she is able to diagnose the precise trigger point and slowly work it out. She explains everything she is going to perform on me and answers any of my questions. I always leave my sessions feeling relaxed and restored. Love her!

Dawn H.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

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